Railroad tank wagon cleaning
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Cleaning facility for railroad tank wagons

For several years now there has been an increased demand for cleaning railroad tank wagons, which are used in the chemical industry in particular. This gap in the market was filled by building our tank interior cleaning facility in 2007.

Thanks to the rotating spray technology with hot water or steam, this modern and efficient system for cleaning the inside of tanks provides ideal cleaning options. In addition to a large-volume rotor jet with
a throughput of up to 200 l/min, two smaller rotor jets are also available for cleaning the tanks. By means of a hot air installation the cleaned units can be dried perfectly.

Railroad tank wagon cleaning

Modern exhaust air purification plant

The washing process produces polluted exhaust air streams and wastewater. Because of the Swiss Clean Air Regulations, the wash line is directly coupled with a modern exhaust air purification system.
In a combinable cleaning process of air washers and activated carbon adsorption, extremely acidic exhaust air streams can thus be neutralised and organic compounds such as hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons continuously removed from the exhaust air. The resulting wastewater is treated in our physico-chemical plant in Turgi.

Tank wagon cleaning

Service portfolio

Railroad tank wagons and also tankers are made of various materials and are constructed differently, so the cleaning requirements differ.

Before maintenance work

When there is a product change

Removal of solid bottom sediments

The cleaning programme is based on the last cargo the tanks carried and the cleaning requirements.


Acids and acid chlorides

Hydrocarbons and solvents


Other toxic products

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