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Physico-chemical plant

Liquid inorganic hazardous wastes, such as electroplating and industrial effluents, waste acids and alkalis, oil emulsions etc. can only be returned to the natural material cycle after physico-chemical treatment.


Rising commodity prices make the recovery of wastewater containing heavy metal in particular increasingly attractive. The metal hydroxide sludge precipitated during treatment is analysed for its metal content and directed to the respective recovery facilities.

Each discharge of treated wastewater is strictly monitored both internally and externally on the basis of the Water Protection Ordinance and only carried out if the requirements are met.

Optimal recovery technology

This includes processes such as the production of environmentally friendly precipitants for wastewater treatment plants from aluminate lyes and aluminium hydroxide sludge that originate from the surface finishing of aluminium. Even a perfect recovery technology cannot prevent residues occurring. In most cases, however, it means a significant reduction of waste to be disposed of. But to a certain extent the slag resulting from pyrometallurgical processes can also be used as auxiliary materials for building.


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