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Total disposal concepts

In industry and commerce there is often still plenty of potential for savings and improvement in the by-product "hazardous waste". Chiresa AG helps you solve your waste problems in an environmentally sound way and optimise them economically.

In addition to waste disposal our services include a review of your hazardous waste situation. Based on our analysis, we provide you with an innovative hazardous waste management concept that is efficient, cost effective and quality orientated.

Total concept

Chart as download (pdf 30 kB)

As a reliable partner in the field of hazardous waste, we provide the following benefits:

A single point of contact for all hazardous waste

Disposal "ex works", so no more logistics worries for the customer

Disposal safety and efficiency through the use of a wide recycling and disposal network

Prompt and proper disposal

Efficient quality management and controlling

Fixed annual rates

We support you in optimising your waste management:

Review of your hazardous waste situation

Development of all disposal concepts

Creation of «win-win situations»


Laboratory and analytics

Every decision about the optimum method of recovery or disposal of a hazardous waste is based on extensive analytical studies. We have our own laboratory specialised in such analyses that provides both decision-making information for the customer as well as monitoring and safeguarding the entire treatment process.

Our modern laboratory equipment includes analytical instruments such as ICP-OES (liquid samples) and RFA (solid samples). We also use physical determination methods such as calorimetry and flash point determination. Our range of services is complemented by the provision of additional parameters such as TOC, COD and phosphate content. In addition, colorimetric studies on toxic substances such as cyanides, chromates, phenols and toxicity test (EC50).



Mobile pollutant collection point

Hazardous waste from households and small businesses is collected with a mobile collection point on behalf of the public sector.

Our mobile pollutant collection points are supervised by recognised dangerous goods safety advisers and have an easily accessible drop-off counter. The waste can thus be accepted by our dangerous goods experts under safe conditions and then immediately triaged into appropriate sorting containers.

Mobile waste collection

Expired products and residues of oil paints, emulsion paints, acids, lyes, chemicals, expired plant protection products, fertilisers, wood preservatives, drugs, photographic chemicals, mercury thermometers and other unknown substances in liquid or solid form are collected.

Mobile waste collection

After additional checking, the waste is sent to approved waste disposal and recycling facilities. Cooking oil and waste oil are not collected via the mobile pollutant collection point. These products can be returned to the community collection points.

Environmental Inspectorate monitoring AGVS

As an approved inspection company Chiresa AG works with the Environmental Inspectorate of the Swiss Motor Trade Association (AGVS) and inspects businesses for the enforcement of the Swiss environmental protection and water protection law in the car and transport industry.

Environmental inspectorate

When visiting a company the Chiresa AG card carrier performs several inspections at once. The following areas in particular are covered:

Drainage / wastewater

Waste disposal

Storage of liquids hazardous to water

Paint shop

The business inspection is carried out following precise specifications. The AGVS Environmental Inspectorate provides Chiresa AG with an inspection form that precisely lays down the procedure of the inspections that must be followed.

Assignment fulfilment


The proprietor is informed of his obligations by the AGVS Environmental Inspectorate, which also provides a list of the approved inspection companies.


The proprietor notifies the AGVS Environmental Inspectorate which inspection company he has chosen to carry out the inspection of his operation (e.g. Chiresa AG). The Environmental Inspectorate provides the businesses with forms for obtaining quotations.

Inspection forms

The AGVS Environmental Inspectorate prepares all forms and delivers them to Chiresa AG as a binding basis for all the inspections.

Performance of the inspection

Chiresa AG performs the inspection unannounced within four months.

Contact persons

Dr Veronika Bergdorf

Complete disposal of waste from garages

CarOn behalf of CCR AG Munich, which organises recycling and disposal for all workshop waste across Europe, Chiresa AG has handled waste management for Swiss workshops since 2003.

We are partners of CCR and offer return concepts for garages (lead-acid batteries, waste oil, tyres etc.).

Other services at a glance


Catalytic converters, containing metal and precious metals. We deliver catalytic convertors to recycling companies at home and abroad on your behalf.

Notifications and export permits
Notifications to all EU countries also on behalf of customers.

Dangerous goods safety adviser
We provide an external dangerous goods safety adviser. So you have time for your core business.

Distribution and return system of special products and recycling the resulting waste.

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