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Occupational safety and health protection at Chiresa AG

Working safely is a top priority for us!

In the context of ISO certification Chiresa AG has developed and successfully implemented a comprehensive occupational safety concept.

It includes the following safety goals:

1. Prevent accidents

2. Eliminate health hazards

3. Maintain operating facilities in a safe condition

The safety of our employees and the protection of their health have been achieved through the following activities, among other things:

- Continuous updating of the action plan

- Internal, annually updated training programme

- Internal audits through regular inspections, e.g. following checklists

- Participation of our safety officer in further training courses and seminars

For several years Chiresa AG has been a member of ECO SWISSa>, the organisation of the Swiss private sector for environmental protection and occupational safety and health protection. In addition, by joining the FCOS industry solution “Occupational safety and health protection of the chemical processing biotech SMEs" it now has access to important technical support for the effective implementation of the FCOS Directive 6508.

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