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For more than 30 years.


Establishment of Chiresa AG in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Trade in recyclable and recycled products.

1978 – 1985

Expansion of services: trade in goods and chemical waste for reuse (recycling) and recycled goods, operation of a chemical analytical laboratory and disposal of industrial waste materials.


Purchase of a transport fleet; tankers for liquid hazardous wastes; equipped for dangerous goods.

1987 – 1989

Export of waste to Germany and England because of
waste disposal crisis for hazardous waste in Switzerland.


Move to Rudolfstetten. Expansion of the range of services.


Opening of a plant in Leibstadt. Receipt of the first receiving permits. Operation of a drying plant for metal hydroxide sludge in Leibstadt.


Acquisition of the Turgi site and relocation of the company headquarters to Turgi. Receiving permit with almost all VVS codes (VeVA code)

2001 – 2002

Certification according to ISO 9001/14001; introduction of QM system.

2002 – 2003

Expansion of core competence dismantling, demolition and decontamination, e.g. major contract for the dismantling of sulphuric acid and oleum production plant in Full.


Operating permit for treatment and storage of photo wastewater in Full. Involvement in the dismantling and decontamination of a chlor-alkali electrolysis plant.


Expansion of the handling and production portfolio and commissioning and operating permit for the storage of solids in Full hall 33.


Construction and commissioning of railroad tank wagon and tank interior cleaning facility in Full.


Demolition of a closed down electroplating facility in Reinach (BL)

Demolition of a tank with residues with white phosphorus in Bex (VS)

Feasibility study for the disposal of approximately 20,000 t of chemical residues in Prishtina (Kosovo) on behalf of the World Bank.

Building permit for a tank farm for flammable substances in Turgi

Purchase of a locomotive for Full branch operation


Expansion of field service with two new employees

Facade renovation in Turgi

Asbestos removal in Basel in cooperation with SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund)

Remediation of the Bonfol hazardous waste landfill (Canton of Jura): contract awarded by HIM GmbH for the on-site preparation of waste. Signing of the contract.


Remediation of the Bonfol hazardous waste landfill:
- Hiring of 18 new employees
- Pilot phase (12/04/2010-06/07/2010)
- Explosion in the excavation hall on 07/07/2010. Project standstill until 11/04/2011
- Purchase of a house in Boncourt
- Investments of approximately CHF 3.0 million

Decontamination and demolition of a military flare measurement facility in Thun

Renewal of the fire prevention and fire alarm system in Turgi Purchase of an alloy tank container


Remediation of the Bonfol hazardous waste landfill: beginning of pilot phase 2 (11/04/2011)

Overhaul of the control system of the physico-chemical plant in Turgi

SUVA recognition as asbestos removal company


Renewals: Control system of physico-chemical treatment plant in Turgi

Implementing of new tank farm for flammable substances in Turgi

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