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Remediation with strict safety measures

The decontamination activities at the Bonfol hazardous waste landfill have been in the implementation phase since the spring of 2010. They follow a comprehensive planning phase under the auspices of the Basel Chemical Industry (bci Betriebs-AG) and an impressive development of infrastructure by specialised companies in the decontamination and waste management industry.

Gripper arm      Laboratory

The 114,000 tonnes of hazardous waste originating mainly from the Basel Chemical Industry are located in a former clay pit as loose material or in drums. This waste can be removed only by means of special equipment and procedures and in compliance with strict health and safety and environmental protection conditions.

Preparation of the waste by Chiresa AG

Chiresa AG is working on the remediation of the Bonfol landfill as a subcontractor of the German specialist company HIM GmbH. Its activities include the pre-treatment of waste on-site, its analytical inspection and putting it into special ADR/RID-compliant transport containers.

To this end, Chiresa AG employs a skilled work group and uses various different, specially equipped construction machines on site that allow safe handling of the work in the halls and on the grounds.

Final disposal of the waste is carried out by HIM GmbH by incineration in hazardous waste incinerators in Germany and Belgium. Remediation of the landfill is scheduled to be completed by 2015.

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